Victoria & Madison – 10 Months

It’s been a very busy summer for Heather Littlefield Photography!  While we aren’t shooting quite as much as we would like, we’re taking advantage of the the time by doing a lot of research and learning lots of new things about business, technique, and more.  We will be offering a lot of awesome new things to clients very soon!

Meanwhile, earlier in August, it was time for Madison & Victoria’s 3rd photo shoot!  They made the journey up here to the beautiful Lynch Park in Beverly.  The weather couldn’t have turned out better!  Cloudy with a tiny hint of sun on a Sunday morning, a photographer’s dream forecast for any photo shoot.  We are so thrilled with how this session’s photos turned out.  Being outside was a great change from the last couple indoor shoots, and now that the girls are sitting on their own, it made things a lot easier!  Mom and dad even got in on a few pictures this time around, making for a fun family photo session.  I can’t wait for their final session next month.  It’s so amazing watching these 2 little girls grow 🙂


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